The Product

What is Tagwhat?

Never miss what’s happening nearby again with the Tagwhat app! Tagwhat is the most comprehensive feed of hyperlocal content that exists today. Discover up-to-the-minute deals and events from nearby businesses as well as rich, multimedia stories about the places around you shared by local experts.

Where does all this content come from?

To deliver the right content at the right place and time, the Tagwhat team leverages crowdsourcing, publishing partnerships, open sources like Wikipedia, and proprietary algorithms that scour the Web and social feeds to find actionable hyperlocal and hyper-relevant content.

How do push notifications work?

Opt-in for notifications and we’ll buzz you when something interesting is happening nearby, everywhere you go. If you have the “Art” channel turned off, you won’t get any notifications about Art Tags. Save a Tag and we’ll remind you when you’re nearby!

Can I share interesting Tags I find with my friends?

Yes! Each Tagwhat “Tag” can be easily shared with your friends through services like Facebook. Your friends will get the deal, event, tip, or full multimedia story you send, wherever they are. Tagwhat also makes it extremely easy to like a Facebook page, check-in, or follow a nearby business’ Twitter stream in a single click. No searching required.

Where can I use Tagwhat?

Anywhere on Earth! Tagwhat give you access to more deals, events, and things to do than anyone else in the world.

How do I add my content to Tagwhat?

It’s easy. Go to Adding content to any of Tagwhat’s house channels is totally free. However, many brands and organizations prefer to have their own branded channels inside Tagwhat for greater visibility and to display their content in premium tools like Tagwhat’s beautiful online maps. Read more about Branded Channels.

Is there an API?

Tagwhat will be offering its API publicly. To get access, contact us at

The Company

When was Tagwhat founded?

Tagwhat was founded in 2009 by Dave Elchoness, Don Cramer, and Angus Shee driven by a unique vision for how people were meant to interact with digital content tied to location from their mobile devices. They have spent years researching mobile user behavior and building and improving the tools necessary to easily create and deliver digital content in the context of location. Tagwhat is headquartered in sunny Boulder, Colorado.

What’s the Tagwhat vision?

Tagwhat seeks to deliver the right content to the right people at the right place and time. The Web today is not organized or delivered in the contexts of time and location. In an increasingly mobile world, these contexts are increasingly important to make the Web experience simpler, more personalized, and productive. Tagwhat tools are making it simple to bridge the digital and physical worlds.

The Technology

Is there an online version of Tagwhat?

Yes. Content is not limited to mobile users. Every Tag has a unique URL that a publisher and user can share with their friends, network, or fans. The same mobile multimedia experience can be enjoyed online. Branded channels even receive their own interactive online maps populated with their own content to share with the world.

What is the "Tag It" button?

The “Tag It” button is the easiest way to deliver your existing Web content to a real-world location. Just drag the “Tag It” button into your bookmarks and click it any time you come across Web content you want to deliver to mobile users at a specific location. That content will appear instantly! Try it here.

I Want In!

How do I get Tagwhat for my mobile device?

Tagwhat is available worldwide for iPhone and Android devices. Currently, only the iPhone app delivers Tagwhat’s real-time deals and events, but an Android update will be coming soon.

I have a lot of content! How do I get it in Tagwhat?

Just go to It’s as easy as uploading your media files and tapping on a map. If you would like to discuss a branded Channel in Tagwhat or have a large archive you’d like mobile users to access at locations via Tagwhat, please contact us at

How do I promote my brand in Tagwhat?

Content marketing is among the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Content marketing in the context of the target audience's location and interests is even more powerful. With Tagwhat, you create an interactive layer of your multimedia content at real-life locations and deliver it to engaged mobile users for free. License a fully branded channel in Tagwhat for added visibility and other benefits. Already, many universities, tourism bureaus, heritage societies, and others are using Tagwhat to share campus tours, video interviews, historical media, events, and many more types of multimedia at real-life places. Tagwhat lets you monetize your existing digital content by embedding web links in your Tags. Get started in seconds! Go to